Advancing Duracote Materials Across The World

Industries Served by our Master Distributors

Stag Enterprise focuses solely on the aviation industry, providing Duracote materials and product solutions throughout the industry, specifically serving the MRO market.

What are the benefits of our partnership?

  • Reduced lead times
  • Reduced minimum order quantities
  • Increased sales force
  • Increased customer service resources

Stag Enterprise, Inc. (United States)

We are proud to announce Stag Enterprise as the master distributor of Duracote products to the aviation industry in the United States. Our customers will greatly benefit from the relationship between Stag and Duracote by way of reduced minimum order quantities, reduced lead time, and greater sales and customer service scope while still maintaining our full line of aircraft material solutions.

Stag Enterprise has provided an impressive array of commercially off-the-shelf and customizable products and supply solutions to the aerospace and defense, automotive, energy and utility, industrial, and packaging facilities industries since 1993. A potent combination of service, product knowledge, and competitive pricing ensures Stag Enterprises continues to thrive.


Product Families Offered By Our Master Distributors