Duracote brings you
new performance materials you need today.

Fire Barriers. Noise Abatement. Static Control. Floor Coverings – and more.

Industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of high performing materials engineered for aircraft, vehicle and architectural interiors.
These flexible materials include laminated films, foams and nonwoven fabrics with our specialized coatings and constructions.

Our Custom Design Solutions Meet Your Needs, with Specific Goals

Improve Your Products
Resolve Tough Problems
Decrease Material Weight
Conform New Regulations

Certified to the ISO 9001:2015 with Design

Dream it. We'll develop it.

Now get materials performance not available anywhere else.

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Duracote Product News & Information

We bring the latest in materials design and performance from 70 years experience! Materials that do amazing things to make your products better and give you a leg up on your competition.
Both OEM and MRO market segments are constantly aiming higher in safety, comfort and efficiencies gained from performance materials used in aircraft interiors. And Duracote is a key supplier to all segments worldwide.
Advanced sound attenuation materials from Duracote dramatically lower cabin noise in all types of aircraft — often at lighter weight than conventional insulation materials.

Aviation Master Distributors

Both Stag Enterprise and All In Aviation Technology focus solely on the aviation industry, providing Duracote materials and product solutions throughout the industry, specifically serving the MRO market.

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