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Industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of high performing materials engineered for aircraft, vehicle and architectural interiors.
These flexible materials include laminated films, foams and nonwoven fabrics with our specialized coatings and constructions.

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Certified to AS9100 Rev. D

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Duracote Product News & Information

For fire retardant materials to be certified for use in an aircraft, they need to be thoroughly tested. This is done through the use of the following fire retardant material flammability regulations and testing methods.
Could a thermally fused laminate finish make your product more appealing? Learn about the types and advantages of TFLs and how Duracote can help you meet your goals.
Aircraft interior materials play an important role in the health, wellness and safety of passengers and crew. When choosing your materials, there are a few considerations to take into account.

Aviation Master Distributors

Our Master Distributors provide Duracote materials and product solutions throughout the aviation industry, including both the OEM and MRO markets.

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