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Duracote is a leading developer of engineered flexible materials that help architects, product designers and manufacturers create today’s architectural interior spaces and industrial products. Our architectural interior products are customized to meet your exact performance and appearance requirements. Duracote is the gold standard for protective and decorative materials for architectural design interior products. We pride ourselves on continuous innovation to provide commercial and architectural interior products for safety, comfort, compliance, appearance and durability. And, if you require special requirements for your architectural interior or commercial interior products, we’ll work with your product development team to satisfy your demands with speed, precision and quality.


Architectural & Commercial Interior Products to Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for materials used in office interiors for safe and comfortable spaces or want to manufacture industry-specific commercial products, Duracote carries a wide range of flexible options to give you the look and feel that you need. Our architectural interior products include top-of-the-line insulation made from flexible polymer materials. We also carry architectural interior anti-static materials constructed from a layer of tough vinyl, a fabric and encapsulated conductive layer and your choice of foam vinyl or solid vinyl backing. Or you can choose UV-coated architectural interior materials that can include laminated adhesives, B-staged thermosetting compounds, pressure-sensitive adhesives and protective coatings. Not to mention, we also have a full line of industrial-grade vinyl fabrics that can be used for industrial products of all types. Learn more about our architectural and commercial interior products below.

Dura Sonic InsulationDura-Sonic insulating materials provide sound control for offices and other workspaces.  

Dura-Sonic materials are also formulated for noise reduction in a variety of industrial equipment. 

Dura-Stat anti-static materials provide reliable protection against unwanted electrical discharge in ESD-Safe workspaces and clean rooms. 

Duracote UV Coating Processes enable manufacturers to produce the highest quality HPL wall and furniture surfaces. 

Dura-Pro Industrial Grade Vinyl-Fabrics are widely used in the manufacture of rugged products like tote bags, room divider curtains, gym mats and tarpaulins. 

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