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We engineer airplane interior materials for easy fabrication and installation. That’s why for over 70 years, Duracote’s airplane interior parts have been the preferred option for OEM and retrofit applications. Our aircraft interior materials meet global performance standards – and exact customer specifications. And, if you need flexible materials for your new product designs, check out Duracote Invent for fully customizable aircraft interior parts that match all your requirements. Contact Duracote today for aircraft products you can trust!

Duracote is the prime source of performance materials widely used in all types of aircraft interiors. We design and manufacture aircraft interior products and materials for both commercial and regional airlines as well as military and general aviation aircraft interiors. As one of the leading aircraft interior companies worldwide, we at Duracote pride ourselves on our incredibly high standards. As such, we are an FAA and Boeing-approved radiant panel laboratory and manufacture FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.856(a) certified aircraft insulation materials and flooring.

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At Duracote, safety isn’t just a feature—it’s the foundation of everything we do. This commitment ensures that when you choose Duracote, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re partnering with a legacy of trust and innovation.

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Duracote’s Aircraft Interior Materials: Pioneering the Future of Aircraft Interiors

Duracote has been at the forefront of aircraft interior materials innovation for over seven decades, crafting solutions that set industry standards for safety and performance. Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, where every material we create is a testament to our dedication to protecting and enhancing the flying experience. That’s why we are an FAA and Boeing-approved radiant panel laboratory and manufacture FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.856(a) certified aircraft insulation materials and flooring.

Custom Aircraft Interior Solutions

Duracote takes aircraft interior materials to new heights, offering specialized aircraft insulation materials that cater to our clients’ distinct needs. Our innovative aircraft interior products, such as Dura-Trim® for fire safety, Dura-Sonic® for noise reduction, and Durug high-wear flooring, are tailored to enhance and protect your aircraft interior, ensuring a perfect fit for your specifications.

  • Dura-Trim® Aviation Fire Safety: Protect your passengers with our advanced safety materials at the forefront of fire retardancy technology. Engineered with flexible PVC covers and woven fiberglass reinforcements, Dura-Trim® materials meet the rigorous demands for fire safety, lighter weight, and regulatory compliance in commercial, business, and military aircraft. These materials provide a robust fire barrier and offer custom color options to match your aesthetic needs​​​​.
  • Dura-Sonic® Aviation Sound Control: Experience tranquility in the air with our cutting-edge sound control solutions. Dura-Sonic® materials, designed for insulation blankets, bring industry-leading noise abatement and flame-resistant options to your aircraft. Custom-tailored to meet the specifications of major manufacturers like Boeing and Lockheed, these materials ensure your passengers enjoy a quiet, comfortable journey without compromising safety​​​​.
  • Durug® Non-Textile Aviation Flooring: redefines durability and safety in aircraft interiors. Engineered for exceptional performance, Durug® offers a non-slip surface, anti-static protection, and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, oils, and mildew. With flame resistance that meets FAR 25.853(a) standards, Durug® is ideal for areas experiencing high wear, such as galleys, entryways, and lavatories. Its ease of cleaning and long wear significantly reduce maintenance costs, making it an economical choice for OEM and retrofit installations​​.

Advanced Solutions for Superior Aircraft Interiors

Duracote’s commitment to safety and innovation in aircraft material solutions shines through its Frontier® FR Advanced Fire Safety technology.

Frontier® Advanced Fire Safety

Frontier® introduces a new era of fire-resistant materials designed to meet the evolving demands of higher performance and regulatory compliance across all aircraft types. This cutting-edge technology offers superior fire barriers and retardants and incorporates noise reduction and anti-static control in a lightweight package, ensuring a safer and more comfortable flying experience​​​​.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Aircraft Interior Materials

Understanding aircraft interior materials can be complex, but we’re here to simplify it for you. Our FAQs tackle the most common inquiries, ensuring you’re informed about the benefits, compliance, and applications of our materials.

What Types of Materials Are Used in Aircraft Interiors?

Duracote utilizes a comprehensive range of advanced materials to enhance and protect aircraft interiors. This includes fire-resistant fabrics, acoustic insulation, and high-performance flooring solutions. Our products are tailored to meet the specific demands of the aviation industry, ensuring that each aircraft benefits from the highest standards of safety, comfort, and performance​​​​.

What Makes Duracote Materials Stand Out?

Duracote materials are distinguished by their engineering for excellence, adhering to rigorous safety and performance standards. This excellence is achieved through unparalleled customization options, ensuring that every solution provided meets the specific needs of our clients. From commercial to military aircraft, Duracote delivers materials that not only meet but exceed expectations in fire safety, noise reduction, and durability.

How Do Duracote Materials Comply With Aviation Regulations?

At Duracote, compliance with global aviation safety standards is paramount. Our products are designed to exceed these standards, ensuring that your aircraft interiors are not only compliant but also set a benchmark for safety. Our Dura-Trim® and Dura-Sonic® materials, for instance, have passed rigorous testing including FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.856(a), underscoring our commitment to leading the industry in safety and regulatory compliance​​​​.

Can Duracote Materials Be Used in Both Commercial and Private Aircraft?

Absolutely! Our range of solutions is versatile, catering to the needs of commercial, regional, military, and general aviation. Whether you’re enhancing a commercial fleet or customizing a private jet, our materials are designed for excellence across the board, ensuring that all aircraft can benefit from Duracote’s advanced materials​​.

What Are the Benefits of Using Duracote Materials in Aircraft Interiors?

Choosing Duracote materials for your aircraft interiors brings numerous benefits. Safety is significantly enhanced through the use of our fire-resistant and acoustic insulation materials. Additionally, our solutions contribute to a quieter, more comfortable travel experience and are built to last, offering superior durability against the rigors of frequent flying​​.

Transform Your Aircraft With Duracote Aircraft Interior Products

Choosing the right aircraft interior products is crucial for ensuring both the safety and comfort of passengers and crew. At Duracote, we understand the importance of every detail in crafting an optimal flying experience. Our interior solutions meet and exceed industry standards, offering unparalleled customization to fit your specific needs. When it comes to enhancing your aircraft, Duracote is your partner in achieving excellence, ensuring that every journey is as comfortable as it is safe. Browse our selection today and contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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