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    Aviation Drives Demand for Material Performance

There is a restless energy in the dynamic world of aircraft design, manufacture and refurbishment that drives all participating players to keep improving product quality and delivery. Performance materials are an integral part of that picture.


The OEM role, of course, leads the way in launching commercial, military and a wide
variety of business aircraft. Major airline OEMs not only design and build aircraft, they
also support extensive maintenance, repair and refurbishment services.

Duracote has been a Boeing and Lockheed qualified materials supplier for years,
working closely with OEM, Tier-1 and various other suppliers, such as material component
fabricators. Duracote is a FAA and Boeing approved radiant panel laboratory — FAR 25 856(a).


It’s a big, complex aviation world served by maintenance, VIP completion and refit
service centers.

Some specialize in completing aircraft with interior insulating materials, passenger seating and amenities, and technology. Others perform refurbishing and scheduled maintenance services — and some major players do it all.

Duracote is a prime source of performance materials for all these players worldwide.

Duracote offers a ready supply of approved acoustic insulating materials, burn-through
barriers, thermal/acoustic covering films and non-textile flooring.

And we also provide all our customers, OEM and MRO alike, with new materials development
and problem solving services — not available anywhere else.

Problems can include meeting changing regulations, reducing weight or space of materials — either with modified materials or entirely new composite designs.

We speed the process of material changes because of our global reach with raw material sources and our robust R&D capabilities.

For OEM customers who want entirely new materials to meet advanced specifications
or changing regulations, Duracote offers unmatched new product development capabilities with our Invent process.

We work closely with OEM product development teams, and in collaboration with Tier-1 and other key suppliers as needed.

Duracote provides complete materials sourcing, composite design, testing, compounding, coating and laminating capabilities — and can ramp up production rapidly to meet delivery deadlines all over the world.

Duracote Invent process is available also to various MRO customers who want to change a spec, upgrade a material, or fix a tough material problem.

Now you’ve got it all. The power to meet all your material performance goals and specifications. With the most reliable supply worldwide.

Duracote. New Ideas. New ways to make materials that fly. We’ve been doing this for over 70 years!

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