Fire retardant material is not fireproof, but it does resist ignition. While no material is entirely fireproof, high-quality fire retardant materials can help slow the spread of fires, providing precious escape time in an emergency.

As aviation professionals know, AS9100 certified companies have earned the highest level of quality management system certification. Duracote is among them, reinforcing its role as one of the world’s most reliable aerospace components manufacturers.

As an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of a wide-ranging selection of flexible materials, we develop cutting-edge flexible materials including laminated films, foams, and nonwoven fabrics with our specialized coatings and constructions.

Duracote only provides the best materials to our loyal customers. Our quality non-textile flooring is no exception to our standard of supreme materials and solutions. Read this article for a comprehensive list of the top uses of our non-textile flooring.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is when a current, from an object, is looking to be grounded through the lowest path of resistance. Learn the dangers of ESD and how to prevent it today.

Unlike other high-performance reflective fabrics, Foylon is unique in its ability to maintain a reflectivity of 95% while remaining flexible and durable when used in stressful environments.

With 70 years of experience, we bring the latest in material design and performance. Materials that do amazing things to make your products better give you a leg up on your competition.

Advanced sound attenuation materials from Duracote have been found to dramatically lower cabin noise in all types of aircraft — often at lighter weight than conventional insulation materials.