Composite Materials 101 – A Guide to Duracote’s Advanced Material Solutions

Duracote is known as an innovative manufacturer of custom advanced material solutions using composite materials. We use the latest technologies and performance materials to create engineered product solutions for a variety of industries. Our custom designed products are engineered to fulfill all your requirements for:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Appearance
  • Compliance
  • Durability

In this article, we will explore some of the advanced material solutions in Duracote’s impressive portfolio of products for the transportation industry.

Composite Materials


Dura-Trim® fire retardant materials are designed for use in aircraft interiors. With flexible PVC covers and woven fiberglass reinforcements, Dura-Trim uses composite materials to provide fire safety solutions for military, commercial and business aircraft that also meet regulatory guidelines.


Our Dura-Sonic® noise control solutions, designed to be used in insulation blankets, provide industry-leading noise abatement, ease of use and flame-resistant options. The Dura-Sonic line is manufactured using custom materials to meet the specifications of manufacturers like Boeing, Lockheed and Bombardier, and also serves the MRO aftermarket. All Dura-Sonic products meet the FAR25.853(a), vertical burn and radiant panel FAR25.856(a) requirements.


Dura-Stat® is a family of performance materials that protect against undesired electro-static discharge in highly sensitive environments, such as research labs, medical facilities, electronic assembly areas and other clean rooms. Dura-Stat materials combine a tough vinyl top surface with a conductive fabric layer and either a solid vinyl or foam vinyl backing. Dura-Stat can be used as protective layers over work surfaces, equipment covers, drapery, chair underlays and more.


Durug® performance flooring can withstand the wear and tear aircraft interior floors have to face. Designed with a durable top polymer surface, our non-slip Durug flooring can be used in entryways, aisles, lavatories and high-wear galleys. The easy-to-clean flooring meets specifications for Boeing, Lockheed and military aircraft.


Duramotive® automotive fabric is used by major automobile brands, like Daimler, Toyota, GM, Nissan and Ford. This high-quality vinyl-laminated reinforced performance fabric meets OEM specifications, including requirements for GADSL/REACH.

Performance Materials


Duracote’s Nexflor non-textile flooring is perfect for aircraft interiors, with a durable, printed top layer and a strong foam backing. The lightweight non-slip performance flooring looks better than traditional flooring, and Nexflor protects the sub-flooring and features both fire resistance and anti-static protection.

UV Curing

Duracote’s UV curing process provides the finished look required by today’s designers and architects. Our UV-cured film coatings – including adhesives, protective coatings and B-staged thermosetting compounds – look better for longer with powerful resistance to scuffs, stains and moisture.


Dura-Pro and Dura-Tuff are both vinyl-covered performance fabrics designed for a variety of applications. Dura-Pro industrial-grade vinyl-laminated fabrics are durable enough for both outdoor and indoor products and also look good enough for every situation, from tote bags to gym mats to tarps. Dura-Tuff flexible vinyl-covered fabrics are used for a variety of applications, including clean room curtains, gurney mattress covers, shelving, tray liners and more. Both Dura-Pro and Dura-Tuff are flame-resistant and highly resistant to dirt, mildew and fungal contamination.

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Duracote is your go-to source for innovative safety solutions created using high-quality composite materials. Through custom material development, our advanced research teams create advanced material solutions that will meet your business needs. Contact us today.

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