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    Durastat® As: Anti-static Materials

Durastat AS: Anti-Static Material for Static Control Solutions


The static control solutions of Durastat AS include a robust family of electrostatic control materials that protect sensitive environments from unwanted shock, such as medical facilities, research laboratories, electronic assembly and other industrial clean rooms.

Durastat AS materials are multi-layer constructions, typically comprised of a tough vinyl top surface, a fabric and encapsulated conductive layer – and either a solid or foam vinyl back.
Nurse looking at x-ray in hospital room with anti static flooring
Two people in white scrubs and masks fixing machinery
Black, red, dark gray, light gray anti static material color samples
  • Static-Dissipative/ Conductive Series
    For use as equipment covers, drapery and clean room covers , chair underlays, and other applications requiring sewn fabrication.
  • Static-Dissipative Matting Series
    For protective layers over work surfaces, and anti-fatigue floor matting.
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