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For over 75 years, Duracote Corporation has been a prime source of advanced flexible materials for the transportation, architectural and manufacturing industries.

With a successful history behind us, we look to the future and continue to work together to be an industry-leading advanced material company.

Duracote Corporation can create advanced flexible materials to meet all your needs. Our team of talented designers has created material solutions to serve the following industries:

  • Aircraft interior products. Duracote is an industry leader in creating performance materials widely used in aircraft interiors. We design and manufacture aircraft interior products and materials for both commercial and regional airlines as well as military and general aviation aircraft interiors.
  • Industrial & architectural interior products.We develop engineered flexible materials that allow architects, designers and manufacturers to create innovative architectural interior spaces and industrial products. Our products are customized to meet your performance and appearance requirements. We also offer general purpose industrial vinyl products for your manufacturing needs.
  • OEM-certified aviation products. Duracote provides our customers with top-quality aircraft and aerospace materials and products that adhere to strict quality specifications and certifications. Our Boeing and Lockheed Martin-approved materials meet both public transit material needs and the needs of our military.
  • Automotive interior products. Our designers create innovative automotive interior materials like Duramotive® Surface. We know that getting the right auto interior material is key for drivers who demand high-quality materials and a seamless look in their vehicles.
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Duracote showcases leading-edge products at major industry tradeshows. LET US HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS NOW!

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Whatever your vision for custom-designed and engineered material products, we can help you achieve it. Duracote will develop advanced flexible material solutions that will meet all your necessary specs and requirements. Contact us today and find out how we can help make your dream a reality.

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Duracote showcases leading-edge products at major industry tradeshows

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