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Architectural Product Solutions


Imagine advanced material solutions that meet all your needs for safety, comfort, compliance, durability and appearance. Duracote ticks all these boxes to provide custom product solutions for your industry.

Our experienced research team uses the latest scientific methods and technologies to develop engineered material solutions that fully meet your needs. We understand the mechanics of material solutions and will work with you to ensure our products meet your specifications.

Duracote manufactures and delivers on time, worldwide. Our innovative, world-class manufacturing process ensures a high-quality, consistent product. Discover the Duracote difference for yourself, and put our material solutions to work for your company.

See Our Portfolio of Customer-Proven Material Solutions

Rest assured, Duracote has the experience and expertise to create brilliantly engineered product solutions for your company. Here are some examples of the materials we’ve produced to meet the needs of businesses like yours from the aircraft, architectural or auto industry:

Partner With Duracote to Create Advanced Material Solutions

Let’s work together to create advanced material solutions for your business that meet your needs. Together, we’ll work to ensure our product provides the necessary safety, compliance, comfort, durability and appearance your company requires. Discover more about how we deliver custom product solutions. Then give us a call so we can get started on your project today.

See What’s Developing at Duracote

We invite you to explore the newest material solutions from Duracote’s research and development team.

Our engineers work with industries around the world on projects that use new data combined with lessons learned from history to explore innovation and supply our clients with the best material solutions possible

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