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    Aircraft Flooring Materials

Duracote’s dedication to innovation has been critical to our success. As an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of a wide-ranging selection of flexible materials, we develop cutting-edge flexible materials including laminated films, foams, and nonwoven fabrics with our specialized coatings and constructions. These flexible materials are engineered for the daily rigors of the transportation  industries and well-suited for industrial use in aircraft, vehicle, and architectural interiors.

When it comes to aircraft flooring, and transportation flooring materials in general, there are a number of demands, standards, and regulatory compliance issues that must be considered and adhered to. In the dynamic world of aircraft design, manufacture, MRO, and refurbishment, there is a restless energy that rewards innovation and continues to drive improvements in the quality and delivery of material products offered by manufacturers and distributors. The demand for high performance materials for aircraft flooring specifically is certainly no exception to this rule.

As such, Duracote refuses to stop innovating! In fact, our desire and drive to develop innovative new materials is a focal point of what we do, and in many cases what separates us from the competition. We have developed our Nexfloor and Durug product lines to be available in a number of different configurations to provide our clients in the aviation and transportation industries with as many options as possible. For those with special considerations, we can tailor our existing product lines to meet your need or custom product development via Duracote Invent.

Duracote Nexflor Non-Textile Aircraft Flooring

Duracote’s Nexflor nontextile flooring (NTF) is available with both resilient non-woven or foam backings. This innovative aircraft flooring material installs quickly, is extremely durable, and offers new safety features. Nexflor non-textile floor coverings are designed for end use in aircraft, mass transit, marine, and military vehicles, and are ideal for use in galleys, entryways, lavatories, and any other high foot-trafficked areas in the transportation industry. Our Nexflor materials are ready available for use in OEM (original equipment manufacturer), MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations), completion and retrofit applications.

  • Nexflor compliances: Flame resistant to FAR 25.853(a)(1)(ii).
  • Nexflor is resistant to: Abrasion, water, most oils, chemicals, grease, rot, mildew, wicking
  • Nexflor print options: Available in a wide range of solid colors, woodgrains, and stones,
    plus complex patterns available.
  • Underlay options: Hook & Loop, Nonwoven, Foam, No Underlay.

Visit our Nexflor Nontextile Flooring page for more on this innovative NTF material. You can also view our Nexflor PDF for additional product specifications.

Duracote Durug High Performance Aircraft Flooring Materials (Aircraft, Marine, Mass Transit, Trucks, etc)

Duracote raised the bar for high performance flooring following the launch of growing Durug product line. Durug is a comfortable material with anti-fatigue properties, making it perfect for areas where prolonged standing is required. This extremely tough, flexible and visually appealing material is highly resistant to abrasion, scuff resistant, and fire resistant.

  • Durug Compliances: Meets FAR 25.853 for flame resistance, and also manufactured to meet a variety of Lockheed (LAC, Boeing (BMS), and military specifications.
  • Durug is resistant to: Abrasion, water, most oils, chemicals, grease, and mildew
  • Durug Options: Choice of closed-cell non absorbent foam underlay in thicknesses of ⅛”, ¼”, ½”. It is also available without the foam underlay.

Making this innovative transportation and aircraft flooring material even more appealing is the wide range of colors available! Durug is readily available in single color and duotone color schemes, with tri-tone available upon request. Our laboratories are able to custom-match this material to match virtually any color imaginable. Provide Duracote with the Federal Standard Color 5 digit number, or even a color swatch, and Duracote will make it happen.

Visit our Durug page for more on this innovative and high-performance flexible flooring material. You can also view our Durug PDF for additional product specifications.

If you’d like to learn more about custom flooring material development services from Duracote, read about Duracote Invent! Dream it. We’ll develop it.

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