Industrial Coatings, Protective Flexible Materials and New Performance Materials from Duracote

Fire Barriers. Noise Abatement. Static Control. Floor Coverings – and more.

Industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of high performing materials engineered for aircraft, vehicle and architectural interiors.
These flexible materials include laminated films, foams and nonwoven fabrics with our specialized coatings and constructions.

Our Custom Design Solutions Meet Your Needs, with Specific Goals

Improve Your Products
Resolve Tough Problems
Decrease Material Weight
Conform New Regulations

Certified to AS9100 Rev. D

Dream it. We'll develop it.

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Custom solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding markets.

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Duracote Product News & Information

UV curing is a fast, consistent and environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional thermal curing. But what is UV curing and how does it work? Keep reading to learn about the fastest-drying (and fastest-growing) cure in the industry.
Longview of the interior of airplane, showing the tops of seats and the backs of people's heads.
An airplane creates a lot of noise. Soundproofing materials were created to combat this issue. Sound absorbers and sound barriers both reduce unwanted sound, but they do so through vastly different means.
Aisle view of passengers shoulders and seats on an airplane.
Fire retardant material is not fireproof, but it does resist ignition. While no material is entirely fireproof, high-quality fire retardant materials can help slow the spread of fires, providing precious escape time in an emergency.
Three small aircrafts in a well-lighted hanger

Aviation Master Distributors

Our Master Distributors provide Duracote materials and product solutions throughout the aviation industry, including both the OEM and MRO markets.

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