• Interior of an airplane with tan wood like non-textile flooring near exit

    Top Uses of Non-Textile Flooring

Duracote only provides the best materials to our loyal customers. Our quality non-textile flooring is no exception to our standard of supreme materials and solutions. Because the quality of our flooring can be used in many different applications, it can be difficult finding out if this non-textile flooring is ideal for your organization. Fortunately, we have a comprehensive list explaining the top uses of our non-textile flooring.

Non-Textile Nex Flooring in Aircrafts

Whether you are focusing on private jets or commercial aircraft, all aspects of an aircraft must focus on safety and comfortability. Our non-textile flooring is the perfect mix of comfort and safety. Our industry-leading flooring meets all fire safety and aircraft regulations. Also, the Nex flooring is impact resistant. Because of Nex flooring’s high safety standards, aircrafts that use it have another layer of security for their passengers.

Even though our non-textile Nex flooring is highly durable and meets all aircraft regulations, our flooring also has a level of comfort as well. Typically, with such a durable flooring you will only have one or two design options. However, our Nex flooring has many different options to fit the aesthetic of your specific aircraft. Ranging in different colors and images, we are confident that you will find the right flooring for your aircraft.

Benefits of Non-Textile Nex Flooring in Military Vehicles

From infantry fighting vehicles to M973 small unit support vehicles, every aspect of military vehicles must be in tip-top shape and ready for anything. Even though flooring might be one of the last aspects of a military vehicle one would think about, making sure the flooring is up to standard is extremely important. The right type of flooring could save the lives of countless troops, under the right circumstances. Fortunately, our non-textile nex flooring is perfect for military grade vehicles. Similar to the aircraft uses, the non-textile flooring for military vehicles meets all fire safety regulations. This means that the Nex flooring will help protect passengers along with the actual vehicle from being severely damaged by fires and high temperatures. It is also impact resistant. Thus our Nex Flooring protects the subflooring of military vehicles from heavy cart damage. Our non-textile Nex flooring will add another layer of safety and protection to all military vehicles.

From comfort, and productivity to workspace safety, we are dedicated to helping your organization with our flooring solutions. Consequently, we provide only the highest quality material solutions for all our loyal customers. If you are still unsure if Nex flooring is right for you, or if you would like to learn more about any of our solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Allow Duracote Advanced Materials help your organization thrive.

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