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    What To Consider When Choosing Fire-Retardant Materials

When choosing aircraft thermal insulation material and interior materials for the aerospace and aviation industries, you need fire-retardant materials that provide the highest levels of fire safety, noise reduction and anti-static control. While in the air, passengers and crew should be comfortable, but more importantly, safe.

Safety will always be a critical concern when it comes to aircraft interior materials, so you need the most advanced fire safety technology, such as Duracote’s Dura-Sonic and Dura-Trim product lines, to get the job done. There are five essential safety considerations you should take into account when choosing from the best fire-protection materials on the market.

1. Regulatory Compliance

Fire-retardant materials for primary and supplementary coatings of non-textile flooring and flooring backings must comply with all relevant aircraft fire-retardant regulations. At Duracote, our fire-protection materials are custom developed to meet the growing demands of commercial and regional airlines, business aviation and military aircraft.

2. Risk Assessment

Make sure you evaluate the risks involved and any potential danger that could arise on your aircraft, including the risk of a crash. Assessments should always be done by hired and trained professionals who carry out a detailed examination of your facility and can consider the risk factors involved. It’s the job of the employers and the safety professionals to identify all potential physical or environmental hazards that employees might be exposed to on the aircraft.

3. The Durability of Fire-Retardant Materials

The focus should always be on providing the best protection to passengers and employees possible. But it’s also crucial to take full advantage of the lifetime of fire-retardant materials and lower overall replacement costs. Two main characteristics can impact the durability and lifespan of fire-protection materials:

  • Fiber blend. What fibers make up the fabric? Composites that incorporate more durable fibers, like nylon and aramids, give fabrics much more abrasion resistance. These blends also have a higher tear strength, ultimately providing better and longer-lasting durability.
  • Fabric construction. Did you know that every single detail of the fabric construction can and will affect the durability of fire-retardant materials? The combination of weave, threads, yarn count and weight of the fabric can all play a role in determining a fabric’s durability.

4. Manufacturer’s Credibility

It takes months, years and sometimes even decades for a company to establish itself as a credible, quality manufacturer. A manufacturer’s credibility is entirely dependent on the safety of its products, along with the level of trust it holds with its customers.

That’s why companies like United Airlines, The Boeing Company and the Naval Research Laboratory depend on Duracote. If the airlines and aerospace brands you know and trust choose some of the best fire-retardant materials on the market, that says something about the quality of those materials and the reliability of the manufacturer.

Do your due diligence when determining a company’s credibility. A credible manufacturer should never compromise on safety and consistency.

5. Additional Advantages

When considering the best fire-retardant materials, why not get a material that can offer added benefits? Duracote is building fire-retardant products utilizing new base materials formulated with our proprietary flame-retardant coatings. Additionally, they may be designed to provide noise reduction and anti-static control — all in one lightweight material solution.

In assessing these criteria, you’ll want to look for a fire-protection material supplier that understands your concerns and works with you. Research shows that a significant percentage of aircraft accident deaths result from fire and smoke inhalation, as well as asphyxiation from toxic gasses released during the fire, so you need to find a supplier you can rely on.

Take Fire-Protection Materials to the Next Level

Our fire-retardant materials, including FRONTIER® FR, meet and exceed all of these criteria and more. At Duracote, we can create custom fire-protection materials for almost any application you need. Contact us today for more information.

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