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    Sonic - Decoupled Sound Control - New Wave Noise Reduction

Sonic Sound Solutions and Materials


Duracote’s new Sonic Decoupled Sound Materials are now available for aircraft VIP completion/refit centers and for MROs and their Tier 1 suppliers.

Using a variety of barriers and absorbers, Sonic composites are custom designed to meet desired Sound Transmission Loss (STL) targets.

Key factors include materials selection… weight positioning of the different materials … and total composite thickness. All fine-tuned to meet desired cabin noise reduction, weight and space requirements.

Single sound barrier with felt absorber leaning against a cabinwall.
Single Barrier
Barrier / Felt / Cabin Wall

Single barrier with felt absorber designed to mate with cabin wall or other existing barrier — to decouple sound.

Double sound barrier with felt absorbers on both sides.
Double Barrier
Barrier / Felt / Barrier

Two barriers of equal weight surround acoustic felt absorber.

Extra-strength sound carrier sandwiched between felt and a glass coated cloth.
Extra Strength
Barrier / Felt / Barrier

One extra strength glass cloth barrier for higher abrasion and puncture resistance with felt absorber and barrier.

Sonic Outperforms Other Materials
In High Frequency Ranges
Sonic decoupled materials deliver improved STL at the same weight
as single layer mass-loaded fabrics — or often, less weight and space.
decoupled sound barrier

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