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Aircraft Flooring Materials


Duracote is a leading name in aircraft interior flooring products, engineered for the aviation market to help enhance appearance and safety. Our flooring installs easier and wears longer than traditional aircraft flooring material and meet all transit regulations for fire safety.

Custom Materials for Aviation Flooring

If you are looking for aviation flooring solutions, we offer custom material solutions that keep your aircraft protected. Tough and flexible, our aviation flooring composite materials withstand heavy usage and can hold up to the wear and tear of lavatories, galleys and entryways. This anti-static flooring is highly resistant to water, mildew and most oils, making them an optimal choice for aviation flooring. Choose Durug for your custom material needs. Additionally, Nexflor, our new line of Non-Textile Flooring is in the final developmental phases. Nexflor will take Duracote’s line of aviation will be the new generation of coverings developed for high-traffic service areas in the aviation market. It provides longer wear, a non-slip benefit, an anti-static surface, and optimal fire safety performance. We have a variety of aviation composite materials to create your aircraft interior products effectively and safely.

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DURUG is a high-performance floor covering that delivers excellent wear, comfort and is a flame resistant fabric.


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