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    Why Choose Flexible Flooring For Transportation Applications?

When choosing flooring for transportation applications, you have the choice between traditional, rigid flooring and newer, flexible flooring. You may be surprised to learn that flexible flooring offers superior durability and increased efficiency in terms of installation, something rigid flooring options simply can’t offer. When created from high-quality material that complies with industry regulations, flexible flooring allows for a much more long-lasting and anti-scuff surface.

Designed for both OEM and retrofit applications, flexible flooring can be used in aircrafts as well as a wide range of ground and sea transportation interior applications including marine vessels, trucks, rail passenger cars and buses.

Consider the following reasons to opt for flexible flooring for your transportation application over more traditional, rigid options on the market.

Built To Last

Choosing flexible flooring doesn’t have to mean sacrificing durability. While carpet and other flooring materials may be prone to wear and tear, certain other flexible flooring is not. Duracote’s DURUG flexible flooring is specifically engineered with a tough, polymer top surface containing anti-fatigue properties. It’s also resistant to abrasion, chemicals, water, grease, mildew and even most oils. This is vital for passenger vehicles and vessels where safety and overall aesthetics are a top-priority.

Endless Color Options

When it comes to picking out your flooring color, you have a lot of options with flexible flooring. Choose from standard color options or use a color-match system. The DURUG line is available in single color, duotone or even tritone upon request. And our in-house labs can easily custom-match virtually any color; simply provide us with the Federal Standard Color 5-digit number, Duracote color number or color swatch.

Easy Installation

Flexible flooring offers amazing flexibility and ease when it comes to installation. When compared to rigid flooring, flexible flooring is simply easier and more efficient to install in tight spaces, even if it’s a retrofit job.

Engineered To Meet Stringent Specifications

When working with mass transit or military applications, it’s extremely important to meet every specification in terms of safety. Flexible flooring can be manufactured to meet Lockheed, Boeing and various military specifications. The scuff and flame-resistant DURUG flooring was created to not only meet but exceed these industry standards.

Your Best Flexible Flooring Options

Duracote uses advanced technology to create safe and sleek flooring for any transportation application. If you have a question or would like to learn more about our DURUG high-performance flexible flooring, feel free to contact us today. Let our custom design solutions work for you.

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