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    Durasonic® SC: Advanced Sound Control Solutions and Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction Material for Aircraft, Vehicle Interiors and Industrial Workspaces


Durasonic noise reduction material and sound attenuation materials are built around flexible polymer barriers, with or without sound absorbers.

Samples of the noise reduction sound barrier material
  • Barrier Curtain or Partition
  • Composite Barrier/Absorber
  • Vibration Damping Material


Interior aerial view of an airplane with passengersAircraft
Vehicle Interiors
Man in green jumpsuit at a computer in a control roomIndustrial Workspaces And Equipment
Durasonic FR Materials Add
Flame Resistance To Noise Reduction.
Mass-loaded reinforced sound barriers, specially formulated for both acoustic and fire safety performance.

Meets FAA flame requirement FAR 25.853(a) FAR 25.856(a).

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